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The Summer Dreams Team

Our experienced reps in-resort are on hand 24/7 to make sure you have the best holiday you can possibly have!

We’ve put together a team from all corners of the tourism and leisure industries, from mainline repping for companies such as TUI and Olympic Holidays, selling tickets for some of the biggest events in the resorts, plying their trade behind the bars of some of the biggest and best bars and clubs in town and even running hotels and holiday apartments!

No matter what you throw at them, they know exactly what to do!

Our reps


Meet Francesca, she’s the life and soul of the party and Ayia Napa’s biggest lightweight. 
She loves sex on the beach… and the cocktail. Often found behind a dj booth.


Andreas is the self proclaimed biggest stud in napa who’s done 3 seasons so far and is a Greek Cypriot from Watford

Ladies if you see him make sure to get involved with his interviews at the events!


Meet Keelie. She’s as northern as it gets, she loves to get on the sesh and make sure all of our guests are having a good time and best believe on her night off you’ll be seeing her down the strip!


Amo is a veteran mainline rep. He worked for Olympic Holidays for five years before moving over to Summer Dreams.

Born in Hull, he has worked in Ayia Napa for over eight years and originally chose Ayia Napa for his love in House Music!

He is a real night owl, so will always be around to help you out and to party with!


Meet Faye. Another rep who loves the sesh, she has a terrible taste in men but a great taste in drinks. 
The most random thing Faye has ever done was getting Libby Mae tattoo’d on her foot.


Georgina is an Ayia Napa legend. She has worked for the sister company of Summer Dreams for 3 years, but now she’s all ours.

She’s from Lincoln, Loves House Music and Keeping up with the Kardashians!

Theres nothing she doesn’t know about Ayia Napa and will always be there to help, day or night.