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Ayia Napa Restaurants Guide

There are so many restaurants in Ayia Napa, catering to every type of food that you can imagine. Whether it’s fast food to cure your hangover, that world famous chain everyone knows and loves, or the local dishes you’ve been longing to try, you’ll find it all there!

Our top picks

As we have said above, there really are a lot of good eateries in the resort. In this section we’ll give you our top picks covering a few different types of foods.

Los Bandidos is by far the best Mexican in the area, with their huge selection of fajitas, including shark and crocodile for the more adventurous of you, to their incredible frozen strawberry margaritas which come by the jug!

If you like your seafood, a trip to Ocean Basket is a must! Located down by the harbor, they have a huge selection of sushi dishes, as well as things like Mussels, King

Prawns and true Cypriot specialities such as Calamari, cooked countless different ways!

If it’s that American style meat feast you’re craving, there’s nowhere better than Hard Rock Cafe. Here you’ll find your loaded burgers, full rack of ribs and the huge range of cocktails we all know and love.

Strangely, Ayia Napa is known for its very good Asian Cuisine! The first of which is the Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant, Hokkaido. This is a very lively place to be and a really good eating! If there’s a big group (and you book in peak season), you’ll be on your own big table with your own personal chef cooking and putting on a properly entertaining show right in front of you!

The other very good Asian restaurant is Yo Thai, located a bit further down Nissi Avenue but still well worth the visit! You can probably guess from the name what type of food they do!

For that proper Cypriot traditional food, it has to be Limelight Taverna. This place does all the traditional stuff and they do it very well! If some of you aren’t feeling the local cuisine, they’re also known for their steaks!

The last on our list is our go-to local Seafood restaurant. Located right on the harbor, Vassos Fish Taverna is as fresh as you can get! Supplied by the fishing boats that are moored right at your table!

Well known chains

If it’s familiarity you want, or that little taste of home, you’ll find plenty of those famous names dotted around town. All based around Nissi Avenue and the road leading down to the harbor, you’ll find names like;

  • McDonalds
  • KFC
  • Burger King
  • Pizza Hut
  • Hard Rock Cafe
  • Wagamamas
  • Ocean Basket

Fast food joints

Whether it’s a quick eat before you go out, or that food craving at the end of the night, there are fast food places all around Ayia Napa.

Located right in the heart of the square you’ll find Rio’s. If you like your chicken and your hot sauce, this is without a doubt the place to go! The Nandos-esque menu is very familiar and many people claim this place to actually be better than the famous chain.

Another Asian place on our list, Akakiko is located on Nissi Avenue, just below the square and serves a large selection of sushi and also noodle dishes.

There are a couple of kebab places on our list, (as we are in Cyprus after all). The first is Georgies Handy Food, again located on Nissi Avenue. The other is Elma Kebab House, which is famous with the locals for a proper Cypriot Kebab.