Zante Resort Guide

Getting there

From the UK, Zante is around a three and a half hour plane journey, so to put it in perspective, a bit longer than Ibiza but shorter than Napa. Once you’ve touched down in Zante, getting to the resort is a breeze. Laganas is literally a 5 minute coach ride from the airport!

The strip

No matter where your accommodation is located, the way Laganas is set out means you’ll be right on the doorstep of some of the best bars and clubs in-resort no matter what!

The Laganas strip is basically one long road (about a mile long), with various little side roads with hotel apartments, cafes and karaoke bars dotted around them.

Starting inland, with a huge amount of bars and clubs along the way, it makes its way down to the beach, where you’ll find the famous beach clubs.

Along the main strip you’ll find all the well known places like Cocktails & Dreams, Rescue, Cherry Bay, Plus club and many more, all hosting something different, like the celebrity residencies like Nathan Dawe and Joel Corry, or some cheesy 80s tunes for that little guilty pleasure!


The main beach in Laganas is found right at the end of the strip. Stretching for about one and a half kilometers, there’s plenty of space to set your towel down for the day for a bit of chill time! The coastline on this side of the island is incredible! If you fancy a bit of exploring, turning left will take you the full way along the beach, and doing a right will take you around the bay to Agios Sostis Harbor.

If that walk sounds a bit too strenuous for your liking, then you can just find your spot on the sand, watching the planes fly in overhead, or looking out at the island just off the coast, wondering if you could swim it (you can’t, trust me)!

A good recommendation here is to take out a pedalo and see if you can find one of the many loggerhead turtles that are swimming around in the bay, these are well worth seeing if you can find one!

As is standard of any beach in a resort like this, you have your choice of watersports activities to keep you entertained!

Must do events

2022 is lining up to be one of the biggest years ever when it comes to sheer numbers of people looking to book their holidays to Zante and the club owners/ events organizers aren’t taking that lightly. With the preparations going on behind the scenes for near enough two years now, you can fully expect the nightlife industry in resort to be back with a bang this coming season!

Think celebrity appearances, top dj’s like Nathan Dawe and Joel Corry with their weekly residencies and big name artists for one off events all throughout the summer!

Boat parties like VVIP, the Rain Dance and Foam Parties at Zero’s, Pool Parties at The Mansion, Houssentials at Infinity Beach Club. The list goes on and on with plenty to be announced and added in the coming months!

Venturing out of the resort

Zante is an absolute gem for venturing off the beaten track! The incredible scenery and natural beauty that’s right on your doorstep is unrivalled!

You can hire buggies or quads and explore the many dirty roads leading up into the hills, or just head to the surrounding towns for a bit of a more calm atmosphere.

Book a trip to visit the sea caves, or to shipwreck beach on the other side of the island. You can book a boat trip to turtle island, or even hire a speedboat and go yourselves if you wanted!

If you didn’t fancy going to the effort of renting a quad or a bike, there are plenty of places to see within walking distance. As we said before, if you head to the end of the strip and turn right, walking along the coast will take you to the next town along with its small harbor. From here you can cross a bridge onto Cameo island, where you can do a bit of exploring and cool off by taking a dip in the beautiful waters off one of it’s small beaches.

All in all, a week just might not be long enough if you wanted to really take the whole place in, BUT, there’s always round 2!